Secrets Of MLM Online Success – A Unique Way To Get Prospects To A Business Presentation

Your MLM company is planning a big seminar or marketing plan presentation in your area and you’ve chosen to run a Pay-per-Click campaign to generate some prospects to invite. You’re definitely going to need a “Squeeze Page” to make this work but we’ll get into that later. If you click on my link at the bottom of this page I’ll send you some free software to build a Squeeze Page.

What’s the best way to go about this?

To make your campaign cost effective you’ll want to be very specific in your ad about the fact that this is a seminar. You don’t want tire kickers. You want people who like to go to free seminars.

You’ll want to give yourself lots of lead time too if this is your first campaign in this area. If it’s for a marketing plan presentation you may want to wait to see what sort of traffic you can get and how long it takes to show up, before booking the hotel room for your meeting. This is a trial and error process until you find the formula that works for you.

Your ad might say something like this:

Life Changing Seminar Will be Held In “Your-City”-Free The Secrets of Financial Freedom your website goes

You may hate this ad so write one of your own. Or use my ad if you want. Chances are you’ll be the only one in your city doing this.

And make the ad non-specific. You don’t have room in a PPC ad to get into locations and topics etc.

Once you get this going to your liking you can use it continuously, building a list of prospects in your area who are interested in seminars. You’ll always have someone to invite!

As well as your MLM efforts you’ll need a Funded Proposal. If you want to stay in the game long term you’ll want to be making some sideline money early on to fund your marketing programs.

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